Significance of using quizzes as a lead generation tool

If you have a business and want to thrive and beat the competition, then you need conversions and sales. And to do that, you will need leads. But then, traditional methods of lead generation are not only time consuming, but even expensive.

You may have hired someone or an agency as a lead generator but to no avail. But even though they don’t generate enough leads for your business, you ought to pay them.

And it is where a cool way to generate tons of leads and drive massive engagements comes into the picture. It is by using interactive content. And one of them is none other than quizzes.

Nowadays, you can create quiz campaigns concerning the interest of your prospects. And you may ask them questions on what they are looking for. This way, you can engage them with a quiz and pitch your offer or product in the end to get leads.

Here is a post that will shed some insights on the benefits of using quizzes for the purpose of lead generation…

1.Grow your email list

As per a study conducted by IBM, it says that quizzes are an amazing way to outgrow your email subscribers. You would be amazed to know that about 50% of people participating in the quiz may subscribe to your email list. Many leading websites like Forbes and more say that delivering invaluable content to the right audience is among the biggest roadblocks that businesses face. They need to overcome it surge ahead of the competition and be the industry leader. Email marketing may solve these issues. Other than accumulating cold leads, email marketing helps you collect warm leads. Yes, they are the ones who are interested in your services and products. Hence, if you have the right products, then it may lead to sales.

2.Increase your social reach

Humans are curiosity-based species, and they like being intrigued. And it is where quizzes work wonders to arrest their attention. A lot of your prospects may prefer quizzes that may ask questions related to their interests. You may be surprised to know quiz content on social media may increase your reach. Buzzsumo discovered that quizzes could be shared as many as 2000 times. 80% of the share was from social platforms like Facebook. The data is enough to show that people are not only interested in taking quizzes, but they love sharing it on social podiums when they do well. It can be great for businesses as a higher number of shares may lead to an increase in popularity. The best thing about social media quizzes is that you can reuse it to create a fresh one. Example – an article with the title – 7 aspects of a successful blog can be used to come up with a quiz title – Is your blog post really enticing enough?

3. Push your sales

When it comes to sales, personalization is a key strategy. It is true in Ecommerce businesses. Successful eCom website like Amazon makes the most of personalization. It is to offer the products’ recommendation based on the interests of their prospects. About 60% of the online shoppers also want their product details and contact info to be saved. It helps them in getting personalized services the next time they visit a website. It is done by recognizing their shopping pattern. When that happens, such customers are more likely to save time on searching for a product and complete their shopping quickly. Hence, it is where quizzes can be placed on a product page to know the interest of a prospect. Once the quiz is complete, then a suitable product could be showcased. This way, sales could be boosted. Even if the customer does not convert, you have the leads to retarget them for purchase.

4.Segment your audience

Based on what outcome you get via using quizzes, you can be in a position to segment your subscribers. This way, it will allow you to approach each group in a different way to get maximized benefits. The more your content is personalized, the helpful it can be for conversions.

5.Helpful in retargeting

Another benefit of using quizzes for lead generation is using it for retargeting. Yes, after you capture leads successfully via quizzes, you can come up with custom audience profiles. And you can also make the most of the pixels to retarget for increased ROI.

As you read this, companies across the world are switching to engaging quizzes. It is for lead generation, conversions, and sales and of course, engagements.

If you are yet to use quizzes as your lead magnet, then it is the right time. You can sit back and relax as a money-making quiz builder can do that for you!

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