How to Generate Hot Leads for E-Commerce Store using Quizzes

Generating leads is one of the key challenges faced by many. Be it marketers, local businesses, affiliates and more; it remains the same. And eCommerce business is not an exception.

If you have an eCommerce business and looking to generate leads, then you may have been trying to do that via many methods.

But how have those methods performed to generate desired leads for you? That’s the question you need to ask!

Also, what you also need to consider is the money and efforts that you have invested to achieve it.

Sometimes, you may have to pay agencies and others, even without being able to capture leads.

Key challenges that eCommerce businesses face while generating leads

  • Not having the right products to sell – When you don’t have the right products, you may not be able to pitch it to the right customers and capture leads.
  • Not attracting the right customers – If you are unable to attract right customers, then you won’t be able to generate leads and convert them to sales.
  • Not being able to leverage digital marketing hacks – When you don’t utilize the power of digital marketing aspects like SEO, PPC, retargeting and more, then you won’t get qualified traffic.
  • Not nurturing right prospects – You may have a large email list, but that is worthless if you are not able to engage with your subs actively.
  • Not using the right tool to garner leads – It is one of the key challenges that eCom marketers face. They try to generate leads via traditional methods that their prospective customers may not be interested in at all. It is because you may not be able to capture leads equally. If you are unable to engage your customers with the right tool, then you may not get leads.

The Solution

If you are facing any of these challenges to generate leads, then you are not alone.

But there is a way out to generate massive leads. And that is via using engaging quizzes. Yes, you read that correctly.

Here is a quick guide on how you can generate red hot leads using quizzes for your eCom business. Stay put with us!

Along with lead generation, another challenge that eCom businesses face is driving traffic to your brand. But you can even make way for them by using interactive quizzes.

The ultimate solution to creating money-making and super engaging quizzes is QuizTarget.

QuizTarget is an amazing tool that helps you create engaging quizzes for multiple niches, including eCommerce business. You can start using QuizTarget and start welcoming awesome leads and drive insane traffic.

How can you tap traffic by using QuizTarget and generate leads?

Quizzes have become the most engaging content type that you can use to arrest the attention of your audience. This way, you can just sit back and relax and let quizzes engage your audience with questions concerning their interests. At the end of the quiz, you can pitch your product to capture leads as well as convert them into sales.

Suppose if you sell laptops, then you can know what your prospects are asking on multiple platforms like Google, Quora, AskThePublic and more. Once you have an idea about their interests, then you can create a quiz with questions about the same.

This way, your quiz funnel will help you take them to their desired products. It is an easy way to give what customers are searching for, generate leads and build your audience.

QuizTarget helps you create quizzes that will be engaging and come with tons of exciting features to ensure that your prospects convert.

Take a look at the compelling features and benefits of QuizTarget.

  1. Create campaigns – You get to create lead generation campaigns and manage the performance of all with a single dashboard.
  2. Auto schedule your quizzes – With the easy automation process of QuizTarget, you can automate the quiz campaign process without issues. Simply Create > Schedule > Publish. The campaign goes live whenever you schedule to go live.
  3. Leadlock Pro – First, you create interest by showing a certain part of the Content and then ask for an email to unlock the remaining Content. This feature boosts lead generation and conversion easily.
  4. Dynamic Quiz Builder with Logic Branching – Offer your quiz takers a personalized experience by showing specific questions or results based on their answers. It helps you build a highly focused and profitable custom audience. In turn, it boosts lead and conversions.
  5. Lead Segmentation – Based on your Quiz taker’s responses, you can segment your subscribers and build custom audience list directly in your Auto-responder. In turn, it lets you run highly profitable campaigns by offering what your audience is looking for.

And Many More…

Ecommerce quiz funnel to capture hot-leads

This eCommerce quiz funnel is a part of the strategy being used by plenty of online eCommerce businesses worldwide. It helps your prospects to exchange their email address and contact number for the desired product. In short, you can use the eCommerce quiz funnel for lead generation.


The goal of this quiz funnel is to ask tons of visitors joining your list in exchange for email addresses. You can recommend products to them that they were looking for and build a connection.


The results of using the quiz funnels will be an increase in your leads and boost conversions. Ultimately, your revenues will go up with the pitching of the right products to the right audience.

Demo Quiz Campaign

  1. Are you looking for a laptop?
  1. True
  2. False
  1. For what purpose you need laptop for?
  1. For gaming
  2. For educational purpose
  3. For video editing
  4. For graphic designing
  5. For software development
  6. For business purpose
  1. Which laptop brand you think is the best?
  1. Acer
  2. HP
  3. Dell
  4. iBall
  5. Apple
  6. Asus
  7. Other
  1. What is your budget for buying a laptop?
  1. Under Rs.15,000
  2. Rs.15,001-Rs.25,000
  3. Rs.25,001-Rs.35,000
  4. Rs.35,001-Rs.50,000
  5. Rs.50,001 and above
  1. What is more vital for you while buying a laptop?
  1. Performance
  2. Value for money
  3. Brand
  4. Battery
  5. Screen size
  6. Gaming performance
  7. Speed and RAM
  8. All of the above

You can show personalized laptop products to quiz takers as per their responses.

By using an example of the eCommerce quiz funnel, you can easily engage your customers and pitch them the right product and capture leads.

Why don’t you go ahead and give QuizTarget a chance to start creating money-making quizzes for you? Doing that is dead easy and less time-consuming!

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