Video Marketers – How to generate hot leads using quizzes

A recent survey says that about 63% of the brands and marketers face lead generation as one of their key challenges. It is one aspect of the business that many marketers don’t focus on and perish. It is because leads are what drives a business.

If there are not enough leads, then you may not enjoy conversion and sales. Video marketing is one area that also faces lead generation as one of the challenges.

If you are into video creation business and facing lead generation challenge, then you may not be alone! You may have the best video creation services to offer. But without a sound lead generation strategy in place, you may not go a long way.

What challenges may you face generating leads?

  1. Not having compelling products/services to offer

If you don’t have a product or service that can solve the pain point of your customers, then you won’t get enough leads.

  1. Not focusing on lead generation

Many video creators don’t focus on lead generation much. They focus on improving services, which is not wrong. But without focusing on lead generation, you are bound to lose.

  1. Still relying on old lead generation techniques

You may be doing cold calling, hosting webinars, sending emails and more for lead generation. But not all may arrest the attention of your customers and engage them to give their email addresses and phone numbers.

  1. You may not have your audience segmented

When your audience is not well segmented, then you don’t know which product or service to offer them. This way, you may not build your list and lose to the competition.

When it comes to lead generation, many video marketers fall flat when their products or services fail to attract users. And that’s where a new way to generate leads matter much these days!

What’s the answer to engaging prospects for leads?

Nowadays, video marketers and other businesses are using quizzes. It is to ask their prospects with relevant questions. Based on their responses, they are pitching a product and driving sales and leads. It is because quizzes are an easy way to engage their customers and suggest a product based on their quiz answers.

You can also use quizzes to engage your users and generate massive leads and convert them into sales. This way, you won’t even need to pay any agency the monthly charges for lead generation.

How can you create money-making quizzes with ease?

QuizTarget is a revolutionary tool that can help you create quiz campaigns for your business and engage your users in an easy way.

The tool helps you design a profitable quiz campaign based on the interests of your customers.

Based on what they respond, you can suggest a product. This way, you can capture leads and drive sales superbly.

How can you generate leads by using QuizTarget?

By using the features of QuizTarget, you will find that lead generation is an easy task. Take a look:

  1. Video quiz builder

The tool comes with the Video quiz builder. You may have an idea that videos capture the attention of anyone faster than any other content. You can also leverage the power of videos by creating video quizzes and engage your prospects. In turn, it can help you get more eyeballs and leads.

  1. Create campaign easily

It is easier to come up with your lead generating campaigns and manage their progress with one dashboard.

  1. Leadlock Pro

The Leadlock Pro helps you lock any content after building attention and ask for email ID of quiz takers to showcase remaining content. This way, you get to capture leads and drive conversions easily.

  1. Dynamic Quiz Builder

Build a highly focused and profitable custom audience. It is by offering your quiz takers a personalized experience. You can do that by showing specific questions or results based on their answers.

  1. Lead Segmentation

You can also segment your subscribers and build custom audience list directly, and it is as what your customers respond in the quiz. It helps your campaigns become highly profitable by offering what your prospects may be looking for.

And many more…

Video Marketer quiz funnel to capture leads convert them into sales

Many video creators are using a quiz funnel as being showcased to generate qualified leads without efforts. It can work wonders by helping you get email addresses and phone numbers when you ask the right questions and show correct products.


This quiz funnel intends to ask many visitors joining your list in exchange for email addresses. You can suggest products that they might be interested to buy.


The results of using the quiz funnels will be leading to an increase in your leads and revenues. It can happen with the pitching of the right products to the right audience.

Demo Quiz Campaign Flow

What YouTube videos you should create for your channel?

  1. Are you interested in videos?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. What video type you like to watch the most?
  1. Food videos
  2. Stop motion videos
  3. Sports videos
  4. Movies
  5. Educational
  6. All of the above
  1. Which is your favourite video consuming platform?
  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. Netflix
  6. HotStar
  7. All
  1. Are you interested in creating videos for business?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. How much can you invest in creating quality business videos?
  1. Rs.5,000
  2. Rs.10,000
  3. Rs.15,000
  4. Rs.20,000
  5. Rs.25,000
  6. Price does not matter; quality is what I strive for

By using a quiz funnel like the above, you can engage your prospects and help your video creation business boom. You can do that by asking your probables the right questions and then pitching them the correct products or services.

In this case you can pitch products related to video marketing as users engaging with quiz will be interested in video marketing tools.

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